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Julian Loker 

   Julian, Owner of Julian Loker Taxidermy Studio has truly become part of the Naked Buck head family! He has inspired us by showing us how to be a master at his craft. We are super proud of him for taking on his journey and setting himself apart from the rest of the world. The future is extremely bright for you Julian.   

Please follow Julian on Facebook HERE

B&B Taxidermy

   Frank Baird at B&B Taxidermy has taken believing in our product to a whole new level! Thank you for the great donation of what we call our B&B Monster! Frank is not only a super talent but a super great person. The conversations we've had were so insightful and inspiring to what we are doing for the taxidermy world.   

Please visit and follow B&B Taxidermy on Facebook HERE

Masterpiece Taxidermy - Todd Kranau - World Champion

   Thank you, Todd, for being a great person to talk to about all things taxidermy. We admire your unbelievable skills and master work. Being asked to join you at your Nebraska show was an amazing honor. Having you see our vision and love our product is a true honor.

Please watch a great video of Todd and Masterpiece Taxidermy HERE

Chandler Taxidermy

   Thank you for your support Chris. You have been able to see the cool factor of the system right away. Chris has been able to really show the world how to show off our Naked Buck system. He is a great person and a talent to match. We very much appreciate your talent and support you have given us.

Please visit and follow Chandler Taxidermy on Facebook HERE

Affinity Taxidermy

   Two years ago when we first approached you for feedback, and still today, it has been a great motivator to solve what we needed to for professionals like you. Solid critique and hands on time has truly made this product much better. Thank you. 

Please visit and follow Affinity Taxidermy on Facebook HERE

Todd Hall Taxidermy

   Thank you, Todd, for all your extra guidance, words of encouragement and perspective. You've helped push creativity to improve the Naked Buck HeadTM design. With your years of experience and talent within the industry, it has shown us that we might be "on to something".

Please visit and follow Todd Hall's Taxidermy on Facebook HERE

Deer Mounts of America

   Thank you for allowing us to show our product to your community of super talents for the first time! With all the great reception, and even a few skeptics, it has given us a very good sense of support. 

Please visit Deer Mounts of America and follow them on Facebook HERE


Iowa Taxidermy Association

    Thank you for providing us a location for our first booth and very successful show in Tama this year. After speaking with many exceptionally talented, world class taxidermists we know that the Naked Buck HeadTM is ready to change how many in the industry serve their customers.

Please visit and follow the Iowa Taxidermy Association on Facebook HERE 

Nebraska Taxidermy Association

    Thank you for asking us to attend your show. The chance to be in front of so many super talented artists was so great! The excitement that your show gave to us shows we are on the right track to providing something that taxidermists were looking for.

Please visit and follow the Nebraska Taxidermy Association on Facebook HERE 


To all the financial contributors

    We very much appreciate all the financial support you have provided to us to help further our mission to bring a one of a kind product to the world. It has already turned heads in the taxidermy arena! With further marketing and patent protections this dream is taking off and you all are with us!


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