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Why was the Naked Buck HeadTM created?

    It was created for big game hunters and antler enthusiasts that want to be able to display trophies or shed antler finds.  Many of us have multiple sets of antlers that we wish we could have mounted but don’t have the space or money to do so.  Our patent pending Naked Buck HeadTM system helps bring those antlers back to life and gives them a chance to be displayed proudly on a professional shoulder mount.

Why is Naked Buck HeadTM unique?

    Our Naked Buck HeadTM system uses the power of magnets! When the system is fully installed you will be able to simply attach

prepared antlers with ease.

Do all antlers work the same on the Naked Buck HeadTM?

    No. We know all bucks and antlers are unique. Our Naked Buck HeadTM system tries to accommodate for them. Not all antlers

will look or fit exactly the same but a very high percentage of them fall within the typical pedicle standards. This system allows you

to be as close to your desired outcome as you can be with slight adjustments. If you have any questions consult with your taxidermist, drop us an email with pictures or give us a call, we will be happy to guide you. Please also check out our Tips and Tricks.

Can I modify the Naked Buck HeadTM?

    You certainly can! With careful planning, measurement and the correct tools you can modify the system to even better accommodate your needs. Check out the instructions page for ways to achieve the best outcome.  Also be sure to check out our Naked Buck HeadTM facebook page for Tips and Tricks that have been shared by happy customers.

Does Naked Buck HeadTM replace a professional antler mount?

    No. Taxidermy is truly an art and there's no perfect replacement for a professional antler mount.  But to have multiple shoulder mounts created for each antler set can cost thousands of dollars.  The Naked Buck HeadTM is meant to supplement a professional mount to provide a way for multiple antler sets to be displayed.  It is also the best solution available for mounting detachable antlers. We understand that having the tight fur around the pedicle rim is super important and our system does that but some minor visual flaws may occur on transition but we feel there is not enough to disrupt your love for the display.

What about angles and measurements being unique?

     Our system allows you to modify angles to achieve measurements by installing a simple screw within the pedicle base. These very minor adjustments in the slightest of angles can make a dramatic change. Please check out other Tips and Tricks.

Can I retrofit your unit within an existing mount?

    Absolutely! With a little patience, planning, research and correct tools, it is very much doable.  Follow the instructions carefully.

Is there an option available for elk and moose?

    We have created the Naked Bull Head, Bull L and Bull Head XL for elk and you can learn more about those products here.  We un

Where can I get one? (We love this question)

There are a few different ways right now. You can simply hit the button below to be directed to our online store at or find us on eBay. 

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