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We appreciate you sharing your feedback!  Pictures of how you used our products to display your collectibles are welcome!

"I just got my gloves holders in the mail and I have to say, these are an invention that I never thought I needed until I saw them displayed. Here is a pic of one pair I put up in the collection. I love the way it displays them as they just “float” on the wall. These have a professionally made feel to them and come already assembled. F3 Displays has some awesome things in the works, happy I got these!"   -  Matt W.

Matt Warren.jpg

"Anyone who knows us knows we are ALWAYS looking for something new and exciting for the collection...F3 Displays provides an AWESOME display for gloves. These Adams gloves look 100x better on the new display. Thanks again F3 Displays!"   -  Lexi H.


"They are great, I love them but do need a third now. :)  I love gloves and have 4 sets because they caught my eye but always been sitting collecting dust til now"  -   Brandon F.


"Absolutely Love it!"  -   Caleb H.


"What a great product! My game used gloves never displayed this well. Thank you"   -  Rusty S.


Football Glove Display Hanger is awesome! Great quality and perfect to display your game worn or display gloves! Can’t wait to display my LSU Tiger Gloves! Great service and quality item! 5 stars!!!


"Love it!"   -  Steve A.


"Great glove displays! Able to really enjoy my game worn gloves. Thanks again" - Tim 


“You guys have an awesome product! If you’re looking for a way to display gloves, get ahold of F3 Displays!"  -  Taylor F.

"I got it! I'm having a hard time finding any constructive criticisms of the design."  -  Craig B.

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